The Overcoat

by The Overcoat

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released April 5, 2011

Andrew Slater: Vocals/Baritone Guitar
Sam Wilmoth: Bass/Vocals/Keys
Pete Wilmoth: Drums/Vocals

Charlie Wilmoth: Viola/Violin/String Arrangement, tracks 1, 2, 3, 7, & 8

Lyrics by Pete Wilmoth with Andrew Slater except "wb" by D. Samudio 

Instruments recorded by Ryan Hizer with help from Trey Curtis
Vocals recorded by David Klug
Additional recording by Brian Spragg

Mixed and Mastered by David Klug

Artwork by Adrian Ghenie
Design by Andy Pickens



all rights reserved


The Overcoat Morgantown, West Virginia

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Track Name: Simple Man
I'm just a simple man
I do the best I can
I'm just a simple man
Got no attention span

Wash my windows, clean my floors
Go outside then back indoors
I'm paralyzed, I'm just not sure
What I'm terrified from, I can't ignore

I'm just a simple man
Got no attention span
God made a simple man
I'm just part of his plan

Now that I have done my chores
Who's the T.V. asking for
I'm paralyzed, I'm just not sure
What I'm terrified from, I won't explore

I dream dreams at night that I can't recall
I turn on the light, walk down the hall
Standing at the sink, I let it run
Listen to it think, it speaks in tongues, it's done

Tie my robe up tight and walk outside
Stars are shining bright where they reside
I pull out my hair but it grows
I recite a prayer that I know and it goes . . .
Track Name: Young Moms
The doctor's head won't stop shaking
Says he's never seen anything like this
The kids grow horns and they piss blood
In quarantine where mom can't kiss them

Young moms give up
You didn't ask for this

Her fingertips on the glass
Wonder how much time must pass until

The children's faces are books in the rain
Her daughter's voice is a bird call miles away

She takes the train but it breaks down
It's in the tunnel when it breaks down
Cell phones open, cigarettes lit
But they die and they extinguish

I'm all alone
at the center of the earth
Something's wrong with
Their birthday cakes and songs
Won't be sung here
We can't hear but we can seize
All my memories
Wrap them in the clinic's sheets
Paint them black

The train and riders gone for good
Her old friends fight ancient wars
The dreamless sleep of the dead
An evening sky with no stars
Track Name: Fantasies
Drive through the snow
Work's rough, I know it
Smoke break outside against the wall
Small talk they don't know, they wanna know

If only I stayed in the van when he unzipped his jeans I could have
Trembled, froze, and not ran from the scene as he reached for my hand
I'd only confide in you so you felt like you knew the pain

Pick up the kids
Weekend with them planned
Camping upstate and they can't wait
Silence lakeside, I dip my feet and close my eyes

If only my pops packed his bags, absconded with his porno mags
In divorce court there'd be no white flags
At home my mom would make drinks for her dates
They'd wait and wink while she picked out a negligee

I race through time to find old gray me pouring tea
He speaks, he sighs and describes what he sees but I run

If only I were locked up in a cellar somewhere without food
And all my captors burnt me with their cigarettes and stripped me nude
Three months later cops would show and neighbors and the news crews
Track Name: Barn Burning
Lanes of grim faces
Dirt on my hands under my fingernails
Cold, sterile places
Feet on the marble floor, I must take the stand
And I feel

The old fierce pull of blood again
The eyes of law are taking in
I'll lie straight through my teeth and then
My pa will limp away

Wipe your feet
Were you born in a barn or what?
Twice your fee
That's what the rug cost in gay Paris
So I'm told

The flames are rising
Our shame subsides again
The rich will burn, they seldom earn
The trust of common man

What do you see
What do you say
You're standing in the way
I'll burn you for us all

Boy go fetch my kerosene
And don't you know that
Wood and hay can burn
And flesh, and crops, and coin
It all can burn
I'll burn it to the soil

Run and warn them
I should've known you don't take after me
You can't choose your blood
You'll see and you'll scream

The white man burns
He never learns
Track Name: Get Chose
We'll get down on our knees
We will stick our tongues and wait
Let the crackers melt down
We were told that there would be wine

Save our souls, eager souls
We're your lambs
Cut our throats

When the red ball burns high
The sticks, bamboo, and straw supplied on the peak
We pray and tweak the bird's right arm
What a sight from afar, a great sight from the sky
The giant silver bird will land once we've proven we can wait
Once we've lived up to it's demands

You're so humble, god-like
The freshest of robes
You say that god's like,
“Y'all gotta get chose”

Bathe our feet in the mud

We'll get down in the dirt

This world's a dog that just won't
Lie down before the bird
This's world's a dog that needs killed
Before the bird returns
Track Name: Kid's Bones
You knocked me up and then (Kid's Bones)
You knocked me down the stairs
You chalked it up to god
You packed your bags for church

Kid's bones in the yard, dry as the sun bakes
I'll gather them all as my hands shake

You left me all alone (two months)
To bleed and bleed
You called me on the phone (to say)
You were type AB

Hours in the house spent scouring for your things
Fires in the yard devour all your things
Ashes in the baby bottles from your things
Hunger in the days to come craves your things

Kid's bones in the yard, dry as the sun bakes
I'll gather them all as my hands shake
Piece him together as best I can with what I can find
He drags his skull, doesn't mind
I draw a bath and wash the dirt from his mouth
He starts to laugh, but nothing comes out
Track Name: You Can Be Anyone
The front yard crawls up to my waist
The mailbox retches bills and junk bills and junk bills and junk bills
Last month's news stacked neatly
The corners waving at passing-by cars

Please, I sit and wait for you
Won't hesitate for you
You can be anyone that you want

Crane my neck back and I'll just howl at the moon
Looking back I never learned how to care
For now it's quiet and my hands are still clean
No broken glass and no leaves crunching outside

Come one, come all
Squatters, lifters, curious kids
I've got nothing but time and a chair and my hands
You're invited to trespass
My guest of honor